Grid operators and energy utility companies

Todays charging stations shape tomorrows eMobility.

Charging station networks attract the growing number of electric vehicle owners as potential customers. The eMobility solutions provided by wallbe® let you utilise the positive image of eMobility to expand new business cases profitably.

wallbe eMobility-Konzepte

Proving responsibility and know-how

Universal truth: Grid operators and energy utility companies have the highest competence in terms of electricity. They are also the specialists for the right and intelligent applications. Installing and operating charging stations for electric vehicles is therefore the right approach. Operating Charging station networks is an expression of responsibility for future-oriented mobility. Companies in the energy sector profit from this know-how as they obtain a positive image among decision makers and the public.

Standorte für Ladesäulen

Everywhere is the right place

It is actually quite easy to find the right location for a charging station: wherever the car does not drive but stand could be a suitable location. That location should also be central and well reachable. Many cities and municipalities already permit the setup of parking areas that feature charging infrastructure on designated areas. Here every involved partys claim is being supplemented by the common goal to establish environmentally friendly mobility alternatives. wallbe® solutions offer the possibility to install them with their own meter point wherever you have a low voltage grid in reach. Pre-built foundations and pre-wired components ensure an easy installation.

Do you know the potential of charge points in your region?

In cooperation with our partner PlugSurfing we are offering you the possibility to find out how many charge points already exist in your region. A click on the button and a search for your location gives you a detailed map.

Activate new business with new business

Your own charge points open the door for a variety of new business models. An integration into our wallbe® Cloud (OCPP) provides the precise monitoring and billing of kWh. Special offers for local companies and stores might be an option. Your customers are able to use your charging stations at a discount during their visit. These users either receive an RFID-Card or a link via QR Code to use the charging stations at a discount.


Initial download of PlugSurfing-App by customers


Customers start the charging process via the PlugSurfing-App. PlugSurfing, acting as payment provider, simultaneously receives price- and kWh-information from the wallbe Cloud for invoicing.,


Supply of energy from the utility company to charging station


Accurate documentation of charging processes through customers in real time (kWh, duration, revenue)


Setting of price per kWh or time unit ( freely choosable, changeable through operator at any time)


Remote-service of the charge-network: detailed information of operation and 1st Level Support in real time (Dashboard with holistic KPIs and statistics)


Payment to PlugSurfing for charging process (Credit Card, PayPal or direct withdrawal)


Payment to utility company through PlugSurfing


Providing of accounting relevant information

Secure and sophisticated

The graphic shows the process around delivery and payment handling. Real time communication between wallbe® Cloud (OCPP) and charging station ensure reliable and fast handling and documentation of transactions.

Customer friendly and barrier free

Usage of wallbe® charging stations needs no explanations. The smartphone App makes starting the charging process particularly easy. Charging starts immediately after the sucessful authorisation. This application allows the complete control over the charging process. Furthermore the App offers all information regarding the charging process status and costs in real time.

wallbe Cloud Dashboard

Easy and clear navigation


Current status of your charging stations


Different Dashboards show the usage and generated revenues of your wallbe charging infrastructure


Overview of all activities at your charging stations

Real time data helps to assess maintenance requirements and ensure availability of charging stations.

The wallbe® Cloud is the central data collection center for your charging stations.

Billing of connected businesses takes place with agreed upon conditions, which can be set and adapted via the wallbe® Cloud in real time. Therefore this results in a new instrument for cooperation with commercial customers to sustainably expand the range of energy related products. Customer loyalty is a positive and sustainable result of the wallbe system.

The holistic wallbe® system is interesting in many ways, the user- and client-bases consumption can be seen and accessed in real time. This allows, apart from accurate billing, for further analysis regarding the grid load and efficiency.

wallbe DC Charger

Easy roll-out and trouble free operation

All components and requirements to operate charge-networks are completely covered and available by wallbe®. Proven products and holistic services, which are seamlessly working together, keep installation and mainentance costs at a low level. The wallbe® Cloud connection ensures a reliable monitoring of the whole charging-inrastructure. Availability and system stability are therefore tremendously high. Interfaces to established Backend-, Payment- or Accounting-systems are the optimal qualification for a seamless integration into corporate processes.

Intelligent charge management with renewable energy

Usage of renewable energy is a crucial advantage for eMobility. The holistic wallbe® concept covers all aspects regarding the technical supply of renewable energy. Our charging stations are thoroughly equipped for these application cases. Moreover the accounting can be directly handled via the wallbe® Cloud.

Lade- und Lastmanagement

Wherever selling energy is part of the main business, charging stations are a logical step into new business fields. As an expert in this field, wallbe offers all products and services from a single source, which more and more of our customers in the energy business highly appreciate.

Ihre Vorteile

Time to market
Quick construction of charge-networks with high performance wallbe® components

First Mover
Early establishing of innovative eMobility-charge-technology in your supply area

New business models
Development and implementation of new business models in the growing eMobility market

Easy scalability
The wallbe® system ensures the trouble free and flexible integration of further charge points into the charging-infrastructure.

High system stability of your own charge-network is ensured through proactive monitoring via the wallbe® Cloud

Full Service
Years of competence in planning, conceptualising, implementing and operating of innovative charge-networks.

Our customers appreciate the competence and expertise in the implementation of charging-infrastructures of every size.

wallbe® offers consulting, planning, implementation, installation and maintenance as a complete provider from a single source. In this process only high quality material and components are being used. We are continously developing our solutions in cooperation with long-standing partners and suppliers in order to maintain the performance, comfort and longevity of our products.

Implementation expertise
Years of experience in conceptualising, developing and operating of reliable charging solutions. Furthermore we are offering the professional installation and start-up within Germany.

Professional competence
Technology, reseach cooperations and a broad partner network for innovative and productive charge concepts.