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wallbe®’s eMobility advice service covers every aspect of the planning, conception, implementation and operation of your charging network. You are not only given a profound insight into the technical possibilities and wide range of applications, but our advisors also give you a grounding in the operational side of the business. You benefit from our specialists’ technical expertise On the one hand, while acquiring valuable practical implementation experience on the other. Here, too, wallbe® offers you a solid basis for decision-making and management of eMobility projects of all types and sizes.

Consulting range

Strategic advice

  • Identifying markets and market segments
  • Analysing market structures
  • Prioritising markets
  • Development of business cases
  • Implementation planning

Technology advice

  • Individual customer consultations
  • Staging of certification workshops for sales partners
  • Technology workshops
  • Multi-lingual training courses (theory and practice)
  • Multi-lingual sales training courses

Project advice

  • Creation of specifications
  • Development of solution approaches and alternatives
  • Evaluation of solution approaches
  • Implementation planning
  • Project implementation

Presentations & workshops

  • Presentations & workshops on the fundamental principles of electromobility
  • Facilitation and hosting of electromobility events

Our customers appreciate our competence and expertise in the creation of all types and sizes of charging infrastructure.

Because we are a one-stop, full-service provider who offers advice, planning, execution, installation and maintenance. Using only high-quality materials and components, and in collaboration with our trusted partners and suppliers, we have been working for many years on the continuous development of our solutions. Our aim is the long-term improvement of their performance, convenience and durability.

Implementation expertise
We have many years of experience in the conception, development and operation of reliable charging solutions. We also provide qualified, expert installation and commissioning services anywhere in Germany.

Technical expertise
Technology, research collaboration and a wide-ranging network of partners for innovative and productive charging concepts.

Current eMobility topics

Parking is Charging

Fill up with new ideas

Tomorrow’s electromobility calls not only for high-capacity storage batteries, but above all a dense network of charging stations. Whereas traditionally a lot of capital was tied up at conventional filling stations in the form of full fuel tanks, modern charging solutions follow a different principle: the tank is not filled to the brim at long intervals, but whenever the car is stationary and not in use. Besides the traditional overnight parking period in the street or garage, any time between journeys can be used for charging the car: at the supermarket car park, during a business meeting or while the owner is at the cinema. Whenever an electric car is stationary, the time can be used for charging.

Parking is Charging
Multi-storey car park

Smart maps

For users, this means rethinking how they refuel. It’s no longer a question of driving to the petrol station and filling up, but rather of knowing that there are always enough charging stations within reach. The key here is smart maps and navigation systems with updated information about charging stations in the driver’s immediate vicinity. With the wallbe® cloud and the relevant app, this scenario is already reality.

Parking is Charging

eMobility for your business

eMobility branding

Many prospective users are attracted by the potential of electromobility. Operators of charging infrastructures are already reaping the benefits of the positive image enjoyed by environment-friendly eMobility as the ultimate solution for tomorrow’s individual transport and commercial fleets. Lower emissions, less smog and less noise are some of the strong arguments that work in the favour of eMobility providers and users. wallbe offers individual branding concepts which allow your company and your brand to harness these arguments and use them to your advantage. A perfect win-win situation for any company with environmental protection in its corporate philosophy, and a long-term image booster for your business.

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