wallbe® Sun4Charge

The power of the sun gives you the energy to keep moving.

You send out a clear message with wallbe®’s Sun4Charge solar carport. The roof generates power to drive electric vehicles, protects them during the charging process and is an outward sign of your commitment to environmental protection. Sun4Charge from wallbe® is a patented all-in-one-solution that gives you a particularly innovative and sustainable stake in the future of electromobility.


  • Patented solar carport (two charging points)
  • 4 years manufacturer´s warranty
  • Glass-glass photovoltaic modules
  • Fast, easy installation
  • Robust, solid construction
  • Individual design on request
  • Vandal-proof
  • Integrated load/charge management possible
  • Available as OCPP version
  • Professional installation, connection and commissioning of charging station by our engineers to standard DIN VDE 0100-722 available in Germany and Austria (planned for other countries)

Solar Carport

Charged by Nature

wallbe® Sun4Charge provides environment-friendly charging under a drive-through solar roof that is easily accessible from all sides and fitted with two charging points for electric cars as standard. If required, earthed Schuko sockets can also be installed to charge e-bikes or e-scooters.

The galvanised construction requires only a minimum of space. All electrical components and control elements are located in or on the pillar. This solution can be installed in public places, customer car parks or company fleet depots and is ideally suited for direct connection to all common back-end systems. In this way, the charging energy consumed can be immediately invoiced to the user’s cost centre using identification processes such as RFID, mobile apps, touch display or keys.

wallbe® Sun4Charge means easier, safer, smarter e-mobility.

2x up to 22 kW: compliant to standard IEC 61851-1 Mode 3 up to 22 kW

wallbe Cloud® Ready: online portal for monitoring and administration

Sturdy and safe: high-quality workmanship and protection against vandalism

Individual design: incorporation of your own logo and colour scheme for an intense advertising effect

What could be better than sun-powered mobility? The idea behind wallbe® Sun4Charge was a simple one, and our specialists have implemented it perfectly with first-class technology.

Your benefits

Compact construction
Charging technology in a sturdy, secure, space-saving housing.

Rapid installation
Our solutions are supplied pre-wired, with prefabricated assembly aids and foundations for speedy connection.

Easy operation
Intuitive charging and authorisation processes ensure outstanding convenience.

Practical cable routing
Charger cables in straight or spiral versions for optimum adaptation to application requirements.

Flexible scalability
The wallbe® system permits trouble-free integration of additional charging stations in the existing infrastructure.

Made in Germany
Our recipe for success: the best materials, the highest quality standards and first-class technology.

Technical data

wallbe® Sun4Charge
Application fieldsSolar carport for e-cars, e-bikes or e-scooters
VersionsSingle-pillar or Y-fork version
Solar power rating
PV module (with 60 cells, 250 W) 2.25 kWp, inverter
Colour schemeAvailable in all RAL colours
Installation siteVersion A: wind load zone 2 and snow load zone 2
Version B: wind load zone 4 and snow load zone 3 up to 1,500m above sea level
Maintenance-freeGalvanised and corrosion-proof
AssemblySystem construction for easy assembly
MiscellaneousWith statics and foundation drawing