wallbe® To Go

Portable charging keeps you mobile on the move.

Everything you need on your travels in one box: wallbe® To Go makes flexible charging at up to 22 kW possible. The housing contains all the components you need in order to use 32 A / 400 V CEE sockets for the charging process. If you pack your wallbe® To Go, you will always have the optimum connection for a longer range to hand.

wallbe To Go


  • Portable mobile connection
  • Ready for instant use
  • Conforms to standard IEC 61851-1 Mode 3
  • Integrated energy meter
  • Sturdy solid metal housing
  • Individual design on request
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wallbe To Go

Mobile charging box

Simply pick up and charge

Even if you’re travelling somewhere without modern charging stations for electric vehicles, wallbe® To Go allows you to use 32 A / 400 V CEE power sockets for charging instead. The charging cable is long enough to bridge large gaps between the power socket and the charging point without any trouble.

All the technology the portable charging aid requires is contained in a robust metal casing; simply activate the keyed switch for charging authorisation. Outstanding convenience of operation makes this mobile solution with integrated energy meter the optimum back-up system.

Charging technology compliant to standard IEC 61851-1 Mode 3 up to 22 kW

Ready for use anytime, anywhere: easy operation indoors and outdoors

Secure authorisation: keyed switch for authorised users

Individual design: interchangeable cover in the colour of your choice

wallbe® To Go proves how practical and flexible electromobility can already be today.

Your benefits

Mobile and safe
Integrated FI Type A circuit breaker with DC detection.

Compact construction
Charging technology in a sturdy, secure, space-saving housing.

Rapid installation
Our solutions are supplied pre-wired, with prefabricated assembly aids and foundations for speedy connection.

Easy operation
Intuitive charging and authorisation processes ensure outstanding convenience.

Practical cable routing
Charger cables in straight or spiral versions for optimum adaptation to application requirements.

Made in Germany
Our recipe for success: the best materials, the highest quality standards and first-class technology.

Technical data

wallbe® To Go
Charging cable/socketStandard: 4-metre Type 2 charging cable, optional: Type 2 socket
Power supply cableStandard: 4-metre / 5 x 6 mm² / 22 kW / 32 A / 400 V CEE power cable
Charge ratingUp to 22 kW / 32 A / 3-phase 400 V
Release/authorisationKeyed switch
CompatibilityFlexibly adjustable charging current. Use of 11 kW / 16 A / 400 V CEE sockets with CEE 16 A on CEE 32 A adapter possible.*
*in this case, charging current MUST be limited to 16 A!
Fuse protectionRCM Module integrated: DC residual current detection >6mA according to IEC61851 / Load contactor welding detection / release of charge plug in case of power blackout
ConformityCompliant to standard IEC 61851-1 Mode 3, CE conformity
Colour schemeTraffic black RAL 9017
Dimensions/weightH 350 mm x W 350 mm x D 170 mm, approx. 12 kg
OriginMade in Germany – www.wallbe.de
QualityWe only use high-quality German-made components
e.g. Phoenix Contact charging cable
Safety/protection typeLockable solid metal housing,
IP54 – suitable for indoor and outdoor use