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why we don’t need roaming anymore.

with Felix Blum, Chief of Back-End & Payment Solution
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Roaming vs. wallbe®

Charging must be cheap & suitable for everyday use!

We at wallbe® are convinced that up to four parties do not have to profit from a single loading process. Barrier-free, legal-for-trade charging with wallbe® provides all benefits with established payment methods.

Roaming Providerwallbe®
Authorization systems

Approx. 100 suppliers with different RFID cards

146 million giro & credit cards across Germany


Depending on the provider, this can be time-consuming and associated with costs

No registration required


Up to 25% on charged kWh

No hidden costs

Pricing model

Complicated & intransparent

Absolute price transparency


Complicated and cost-intensive billing systems

Payment security through standardized and regulated payment procedures

Absolute transparency

With the barrier-free payment, operators and users benefit from wallbe® charging stations. Forget fees and charge barrier-free with charging solutions from wallbe® that comply with legal-for-trade standards and are always the cheapest.

Your benefits

146 million giro & credit cards in Germany alone
Every electric driver worldwide has one of these cards in his wallet. Therefore each of them is a potential customer for the operator of a wallbe® charging station.

No registration required
Due to the acceptance of the girocard and the common credit cards, no prior registration is necessary. The receipt for the charge process can be easily retrieved online or sent by e-mail on request.

Absolute price transparency
Due to the avoidance of additional service providers, full price transparency is assured. The price per kWh displayed on the wallbe® charging station is actually the price that is charged per kWh at the end. Amounts are invoiced precisely and in conformity with calibration law.

Fair market price
Thanks to the barrier-free payment system, with wallbe® charging stations you always have the possibility to pass on the best price to your customers.

Payment guarantee
Amounts reserved in advance on the customer’s bank account which are finally settled after the charging process ensure a payment process safer than ever. This makes payment defaults a thing of the past for the operator.

Accounting in conformity with calibration law
With the wallbe® concept all requirements for the calibration law are fulfilled according to the specifications of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) and the document REA 6A.

With the wallbe® billing system “contactless payment with giro – or credit card” we finally offer operators the solution to operate charging infrastructures economically and to bill all users fairly, transparently and cost-effectively.

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